Data import ABB SREA


  • SREA module must have Internet acces.
  • Firewall, if present, must allow access to port 21 on from SREA module.
  • An account for

To export data from the ABB SREA-50 module to pv-log you must use the log function built into SREA-50 to export data to the free pv-log FTP-Server.

Go to and log in.

Please select “Automatic data import / Data logger” on”My Profile/Manage PV plants”. 

Setup datalogging as in the screenshot below:

Make a note of the FTP-server, FTP-User and FTP-Password.

Now go to your ABB SREA-50 module and login as administrator. Enter the login settings previously noted as in the screenshot below:


Setup the log configuration as in the screenshot below. “Log Parameters” need to be setup exactly as in the screenshot below.

Start logging by clicking on the “start” button, after ”General Log Settings” and ”Log Parameters” have been setup.

The inverter will now export data every 10 min. 

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