How can I export data from Danfoss TripleLynx Pro inverters? (FTP upload instructions)

To export data from Danfoss TripleLynx automatically, use the functionality "Data Warehouse" as described in the manual. Further you will need the free FTP server of PV-log, which can be reached by the inverter.

In My Profile, go to "Automatic data import / data logger" and enter
"Danfoss" for Data logger company, "Pro" for Data logger model and "FTP" for Transfer type.

Copy the listed access (FTP server, login, password) in your Danfoss inverter.

In the web interface go to Setup, on the left select Communication and then in the blue box on the far right "Data warehouse". Please enter the following information:

Upload interval: 1 hour
Upload time:
FTP server address:
FTP Server Port: 21
FTP Mode: passive
Username FTP server:
Re-enter password:

The inverter now regularly exports a file in CSV format
in the selected interval for the selected time, containing the available data since the last successful file upload. The file name is composed of the specified user name and the date and time of the FTP upload.

We import the uploaded files from the FTP server periodically into the database.

Of course you can also use the manual upload
for the Danfoss files.

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