How quick/ when / how often is my FTP imported data visible?

We import the uploaded files from the FTP server periodically to the database. Typically, the data should be visible in the yield summary within 2 hours after uploading to the FTP server. If this is not the case, we ask you to wait at least a day before you may try to find other helpful users with the same data logger and whose import works properly, to contact these. In most cases this results in the best solution for your problem, and at the same time you support the PV-Log community. Only if this does not solve your problem, we ask you to contact us again. In case you selected "FTP" in the data logger settings, you can use an FTP client (e.g. FileZilla) to transfer multiple files at once to our FTP server.

In the case of a manual upload, the transfer of multiple files is not possible.

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