PV-Log Apps, Programs, Tools, Widgets & More

The ( PV-Log API  tbu   ) makes it very easy to program a lot of different cool things, which are connected to PV-Log.

Here we will present you a selection of very interesting third party tools, that interact with PV-Log:

PV-Log Signatur / Widget

gives users the possibility of using an image in their forum signature (or other places online), showing your daily and monthly PV production from your solar panels. Data are automatically updated a few times daily.

PV-Log Banner und Signatur


enables you to use three different types of signatures in all your web presences..

1. Small signature with absolute or relative yields (one of both can be choosen)


2. Medium Banner with absolute or relative yields (one of both can be choosen)


3. Large Banner with absolute and relative yields simultaniously


Android App: Sunny Solar Log for SMA inverters

Bluetooth Inverter Connection and Data Logging, upload and visualisation application that supports SMA brand Inverters. Easy upload of energy yields to PV-Log.

iPhone App: PV Test

PV TEST is a tool that checks real-time production of your Photovoltaic Solar System, even without a monitoring devices installed, based on "Clear Sky Production". In case of a monitoring system installed and a PV-Log account you can check and display chart of your production and compare with the "Clear Sky Production" curve.

PV-Log solar map: widget with energy yields 

 ( tbu   http://hilfe.pv-log.com/knowledgebase/articles/160371-en-widget-for-solar-map-with-energie-yields )

With this widget you can easily integrate the PV-Log solar map on your webpage. 

Android App: SunWatcher

SunWatcher allows you to import, visualize and analyze PV data from PV-Log. SunWatcher stores the data also locally and is therefore working offline as well.


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