Enable Sunny Portal email receipt in PV-log

Go to 'My profile', then in the tab 'Manage PV plants' and click there on the link 'Automatic data import /data logger' (next to 'Yield data')

On the following screen choose  'Yes' in 'Do you use a datalogger?'

'SMA' in 'Data logger company' and all the upcoming fields.

The possibility 'Email' as transfer type will only appear after having choosen 'Webbox' in 'Data logger Model'. Finally the input field 'Name of ....', where you can enter your SMA-plant name.
The name of your plant in the exact spelling as it is named on the manufacturer´s site. Then please set up a daily email status report to import@pv-log.com in the portal of your data logger manufacturer. We will subsequently import the daily yields automatically into PV Log.com.

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