1. Why Superusers?

Because ... it’s our users who make PV-log what it is.

This is the main reason why we want to give our dedicated PV-Log Superusers more space, influence and empowerment. We can provide a technical infrastructure, but the project only comes alive through you, our PV-Log users. We know from the last few months that among the many PV-Log users there are some very talented and dedicated people with great passion and enthusiasm for photovoltaics and (their own) solar energy systems. There are many ideas and suggestions for PV-Log, so we would like you to join us on this exciting path to make PV-Log  an even better yield monitoring portal and even better suited to your needs.

What this will look like and what the long term development will be is still an open question and depends on all those of you who will be involved as Superusers. In this section on PV-Log Superusers we have tried to sketch some ideas.

The vision of Top50-Solar for over 10 years has been a power supply from 100% renewable energy. PV-log is intended to make a small contribution as one of the best and most user-friendly yield portals for photovoltaic - no more, no less.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey into the next era of renewable energies.

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