2. What are PV-Log Superusers?

PV-Log Superusers are dedicated and active users of PV-Log who, with their experience and knowledge, support other users and who are interested in influencing the development of PV-Log to help shape the portal.
PV-Log Superusers can have very different talents (of course, not everyone has all of these ;-))

  • being thoroughly familiar with a specific data import or data logger
  • being thoroughly familiar with solar products technologies in general
  • those who like to get involved in a community
  • have experience in web development with respect to HTML or design
  • have good technical skills in programming (PHP, MySQL)
  • have specific language skills

The one thing all PV-Log Superusers have in common is that they are excited about solar energy and enjoy giving other PV-Log users the same positive experiences operating  their solar system and surfing the PV-Log site.

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