3. What benefits do Superusers have?

PV-Log Superusers have many advantages over standard users, here are some examples:

  • As an extended arm of the PV-Log team, they have very close contact with us.
  • They have influence on the development of PV-Log and help it take shape.
  • They have advance access to the latest versions and features.
  • They can access logfiles and expanded rights for the administration and user support.
  • They can get free or discounted invitations to interesting events and conferences on solar energy.
  • They have access to special features that currently can not be made available to all users (eg display of yield data on inverter level, unlimited number of Solar-Friends groups, etc.)
  • They get access to a secure area specifically for PV-Log Superusers.

Are you excited about PV-Log and are you interested in becoming a Superuser? Then just contact us. The PV-Log Team and the PV-Log Superusers look forward to welcoming you.

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