4. How are Superusers involved?

PV-Log Superusers are dedicated and active users of PV-Log who, with their experience and knowledge support other users and are interested in influencing the development of PV-Log and helping shape the portal.

You can be involved as follows:

  • Being a contact person for specific technical questions about a data logger or a way of import
  • Communicating with PV-Log users and helping new users in registering their system
  • Responding to user questions about PV-Log in forums and reporting on other websites about PV-Log
  • Writing contributions for our Help (Knowledge Base) section (preferably with screenshots or even with small how-to videos)
  • Contributing textual and graphical improvements to improve the usability
  • Testing of new features
  • Supporting specific implementations of individual features
  • Supporting PV-Log support
  • Translating PV-Log into other languages
  • And in many more ways...
In case you have your own ideas on how to get involved as a Superuser, the PV-Log Team and PV-Log Superusers would love to hear from you.

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