5. How to become a PV-Log Superuser?

Just contact us. Ivonne from the PV-Log Team and the other PV-Log Superusers are waiting to  welcome you!

Maybe we already know you a little from previous emails, but it is always very helpful if you could send us some brief information about you: for example, in which areas you want to get involved as a PV-Log Superuser, what your talents and strengths are, how have you previously been involved in solar energy, what you do for a living and in what areas (organizations, clubs, forums, communities) are you or have you previously been involved.

In short, we would like to get to know each other better ;-)

What if I do not want to be a Superuser anymore?
No problem! You can always send a short message to Ivonne to become a "standard" PV-Log user again.

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